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Donald L Robertson City Park

Donald L Robertson City Park in Wood Village Oregon

The Donald L Robertson City Park in Wood Village, Oregon is a public park that offers many amenities to visitors. These include a basketball court, playground, wetland area, and arboretum. It is open year round, and is a great place to visit. Refer to This Page!

Construction of the new building took just over a year

The City of Wood Village recently completed construction of its new building at Donald L Robertson City Park. Unlike typical municipal buildings, this modern building was designed with the community in mind. It’s a perfect place to hold city meetings, host events, and meet with friends. This modern facility is also open to the public. Located at 24300 N.E. Halsey St., it was soft-opened in July.

The new building was constructed at a cost of $7 million. This money came from the sale of the former City Hall and the Urban Renewal Fund. This project took more than a year to complete, but the building is now ready for use. In addition to the City Hall, the project includes several other improvements, including a library, parks, and a multimodal transportation hub. To learn more, check out the City of Wood Village website. You can take a short survey, and earn a chance to win a Walmart gift card!

Improvements to accessibility of disadvantaged populations

A project is being considered by the City of Wood Village to enhance accessibility to the area’s disadvantaged populations. The project is designed to create a multimodal link between these communities and essential services such as schools, public parks and commercial and industrial areas. It will also address gaps in bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

One of the key features of the project is the creation of a new, safe and convenient connection to TriMet bus routes. This project will improve connections to other essential modal facilities, including larger industrial centers, and provide opportunities for businesses that serve the needs of disadvantaged communities.

Located in Wood Village, Oregon, Donald L Robertson Park is a public park. It includes a wetland, playground and basketball court. Also available are a variety of activities, such as a nature trail, an arboretum, and free Wi-Fi.

The City of Wood Village is asking its residents to take a survey. The survey is available on the city’s website and can be completed in less than five minutes. Survey takers can enter a draw to win a Walmart gift card. Once the survey is complete, the winners will be announced on the city’s website. A great post!

Recreational opportunities for small businesses and disadvantaged business enterprises

If you’re living in the Wood Village area of Oregon, chances are you’re aware of Donald L Robertson City Park. Located in the neighborhood of Wood Village, this park boasts a few impressive features. For example, you can enjoy an arboretum, a wetland area, and a playground. In addition, the park offers free Wi-Fi to its visitors. You’re encouraged to take the time to visit and learn more about the park, but there’s also an opportunity for you to win a few prizes.

Aside from the park, the project also includes a number of other amenities for its citizens. For instance, it will include a new library in the community, as well as an improved city hall, parks, grocery stores, and travel options for residents. Those who participate in the survey will be rewarded with a chance to win a Walmart gift card. This survey takes less than five minutes to complete, and can be found on the city’s website.

Open days and hours

The Donald L Robertson City Park in Wood Village, Oregon, is a community park open daily from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It has a basketball court, arboretum, playground and wetland area. There is also a small picnic shelter that can be rented. This is located at 238th Avenue and Halsey Street in Wood Village.

A number of communities along the Halsey Street corridor include Troutdale, Fairview and Wood Village. The study area has several large wetlands. As a result, there are some issues regarding the right-of-way and roundabouts.

A study was conducted to investigate the transportation needs in the area. As a part of this project, the City of Wood Village is proposing pedestrian crosswalks on Halsey Street. These are recommended to address the number of people using the streets. Pedestrian islands should be designed with contrasting pavements and landscaping.

The project will improve existing transportation choices and create better connections for all modes of travel. It will also help alleviate congestion and improve safety. Browse next article!

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