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Lake Oswego Window Treatments

Window Draperies in Lake Oswego

Draperies can create some serious drama – and in a good way! Picking out the perfect window draperies begins at the fabric store.

Window Duettes in Lake Oswego

With 3 pockets of air between your window and the open room – Duette honeycomb blinds offer energy efficiency at the top of it’s class. They also lend a soft, beautiful touch to nearly any room.

Window Luminettes in Lake Oswego

Luminette Modern Draperies- Like long, softened pleats, the contoured columns of fabric in our Luminette Modern Draperies creates a tasteful tailored back drop for any room.

Window Pirouettes in Lake Oswego

Uniquely designed with soft, horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, Pirouette® window shadings control light in an entirely new way.

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Window Shutters in Lake Oswego

Our custom window shutters provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy.

Window Silhouettes in Lake Oswego

Silhouette window shadings magically transform the look of a room by changing the harsh quality of exterior light into soft, radiant beauty.

Window Vignettes in Lake Oswego

With hundreds of fresh, contemporary fabrics and colors, along with Vignettes are a distinct look that offers a unique look and feel in a room.

Wood Blinds in Lake Oswego

Nothing adds character to a room like genuine wood blinds. Wood blinds make an excellent addition to nearly any home.