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Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site

Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site

Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site is situated on one of the upper bays of Lake Sakakawea and features miles of shoreline framed by towering buttes. The park offers modern boating facilities and excellent fishing opportunities. Hikers will find a nature trail that explores the natural communities associated with the area. Read on for some ideas.


Located along one of the upper bays of Lake Sakakawea, Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site is home to modern boating facilities that make it popular for swimming and fishing. The park is surrounded by towering bluffs and rolling hills that form a beautiful backdrop to this scenic lake. Flat trails that lead to the park’s day-use beach and public boat launch are perfect for a relaxing weekend stroll. Broughton Bluff within the park attracts rock climbers year-round. Featuring multiple routes from 5.6 topropes up to 5.12 leads, this spot is considered one of the best climbing areas in the Portland Metro area.


Located near the mouth of the Sandy River at the Columbia River, this park is a natural area rich in history. Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site is a popular destination for swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and camping.

The park’s main attraction is Lake Sakakawea whose miles of scenic shoreline are surrounded by towering buttes and rolling hills. A modern marina, public boat ramp, and slip rentals are available at the park.

Flat trails traverse the park offering a relaxing weekend stroll through a relic of Oregon’s wilderness past. The park is also home to the Lewis and Clark campgrounds and camping cabins. A short hike to Broughton Bluff located in the park attracts rock climbers year-round. The bluff provides multiple climbing routes starting with 5.6 topropes and up to 5.12 leads. Explore more!


The Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site is home to a number of great hiking trails. The best known is the trail that follows Tanner Creek through a canyon. The trail passes right next to Multnomah Falls, a two-tier waterfall that falls an incredible 620 feet in just a short distance.

The park is also a popular place to swim and picnic. The sandy beach on the Sandy River draws swimmers and sun lovers, especially on hot days.

Hike 12 miles of trails, with gentle grades along the river’s terraces and steeper trails up a ridge. Explore one of the state’s closest old-growth forests. The park is also the most remote in the state. Wildlife is abundant, with deer and black bears spotted regularly. You can also see bighorn sheep.


Located on the west end of Historic Columbia River Highway, Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site sits adjacent to the Sandy River Delta where it empties into the Columbia River. It is the site where Lewis and Clark stayed on their journey to the Pacific Ocean on November 3, 1805, and on their return voyage on March 31, 1806, and offers an impressive natural landscape of forests, fields, wetlands, and mountains. Camping is a popular activity in this park that provides visitors with the opportunity to practice other outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking. The park also features a day-use beach and two seasonal camping cabins.


At Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site, you will find an idyllic natural scene of the Sandy River Delta. The park is home to forests, fields, and wetlands and is an impressive natural environment where you can enjoy biking, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and picnicking activities. The sandy beach along the river is perfect for swimming and wading during a hot summer day. You will also find flat trails within the park that you can use for a weekend stroll. The bluffs in the area, including Broughton Bluff, attract rock climbers to the site year-round. The park is named in honor of the late Glenn Otto, a distinguished public servant to the City of Troutdale. Check our next area of interest here.


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