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Window Coverings Are More Than Just a Style Element

Window Coverings Are More Than Just a Style Element

Window coverings are more than just a style element. They perform various functions that enhance the functionality and beauty of your home or office.

Sheer shades are a popular choice that provides both light control and privacy. Available in both translucent and room-darkening styles, these window treatments can be opened to let in diffused light while preserving your view of the outdoors. Read on to find out more.

Better Sleep

Many factors can disrupt sleep — including environmental sleep disruptions (streetlights, noises) and poor sleeping habits (watching TV or using a tablet or phone right before bed). Window coverings can help create a sleep-conducive environment by respecting your body’s need for darkness at sleep time.

Ideally, you should choose a window treatment that blocks light from entering your bedroom in the morning, such as blackout shades or drapes. These window treatments block light and help maintain comfortable temperatures.

Make sure you opt for a cordless window covering, as children can strangle on the cords of conventional blinds and shades. Also, consider installing a smart control that can open or close your window coverings with pre-programmed settings or voice activation. This will eliminate the need for you to get up in the middle of the night to manually operate them.

Energy Efficiency

Window coverings offer a variety of ways to keep energy efficiency high. They provide light control, regulate temperatures in summer and winter, and prevent energy loss through windows.

Curtains and draperies, if lined with blackout lining fabrics, are among the most energy-efficient window coverings. They can reduce energy loss through windows by 50% or more.

Blinds are hard window coverings composed of slats that cascade down or over a fenestration and are operated by manual pull cords, or by motorization. They work well to manage daylight glare and privacy and can be easily adjusted to suit occupant preferences.

Awnings, if positioned over windows and doors, are also an effective way to save on energy costs. They reflect solar heat to prevent your home from heating up in summer and allow the lower-angled winter sun to enter and convert into natural warmth.

Light Control

Window coverings can help control the amount of light that enters a room. This can alleviate glare that causes eye strain and protect furniture from fading.

Sheer shades are an elegant option that lets in diffused sunlight while preserving your view to the outside. Many of these shades also have a room-darkening liner that can block out unwanted light and privacy.

Insulated cellular shades trap air layers inside their pleated cells for added insulation. They can be adjusted from the top or bottom, and some have smart home integration for effortless control.

For larger windows or doors, consider adding drapery to your window treatment solution. These fabric panels hang vertically, blending into (or lightly brushing) the side of your frame. They are available in an array of styles, fabrics, colors, and lengths to suit any space.


Window coverings provide privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing inside a room. The amount of privacy provided by window treatments depends on a variety of factors, including design style, light control, energy efficiency, and the type of fabric used.

Blinds are hard window coverings composed of slats that cascade down or over a fenestration (door or window). They’re available in many styles and materials. Blinds are a good option for anyone who wants to easily control privacy and daylight glare.

Sheer shades are a popular choice that offers the elegance of sheer fabrics with light and privacy control. They are available in several light-filtering and blackout options that allow you to customize how much light enters the space. You can also choose from a range of pleated fabric styles that create an elegant look or opt for a more modern style of roller shade with a sleek, minimal appearance.


When paired with other home decor, window coverings can add to the overall aesthetic of your space. The choice of window treatments can be purely decorative, functional, or a balance of both.

Window film is a modern, versatile option that offers the privacy of etched glass with the choice of many designs and levels of opacity. It can also be customized to reflect your design style or match your home’s colors.

Fabric shades roll, fold or stack up in a variety of opacity options from sheer to blackout. They offer a clean look that blends with most interior design styles. These shades are a good choice for families with young children because they don’t have cords that pose a strangulation risk. These are also a good choice for bathrooms, as they are moisture-resistant. Click here for more interesting articles.