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Blue Lake Regional Park

Blue Lake Regional Park NE Blue Lake Rd Fairview OR United States

If you’re looking for a great day out with your kids, then NE Blue Lake Rd Fairview OR United States is the place to be. This 101-acre park has a huge playground made for children and a lake that is a perfect place to swim.

It also has a disc golf course, sports facilities and a wetland with a viewing platform and trail. The lake is stocked with trout annually and anglers under 13 can fish without a license. More about Oregon here!


The 101-acre park with a natural lake fed by underground springs features several opportunities for fishing. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and largemouth bass, and it’s possible to fish from the shore or boat.

Blue Lake also features a gold-level, world-class disc golf course; playgrounds and beach areas for swimming and boating; and a spray ground with colorful features that shower, gush, dump and pour water on hot summer days.

The park’s activities are geared for families, children and adults alike. Picnicking and hiking are popular choices, as is swimming, boating, and fishing.


Whether you want to fish from the shore or rent a seasonal boat, Blue Lake Regional Park has plenty of boating opportunities. The lake is a popular destination for families who want to spend time together.

Located in Fairview, Blue Lake is a 101-acre public park that features a natural lake and three ponds. It also includes picnic areas, sports fields, paved trails, and an observation tower.

The lake is fed by underground springs and is home to thousands of fish. In addition, there is a disc golf course and a spray area for swimmers.


Whether you want to hike, fish, or simply take it easy, Blue Lake Regional Park offers many great options. This park features a lake, three ponds, and a wetland, as well as paved paths that run throughout the park.

The park is also a popular place for families to visit in the summer. It boasts a number of facilities, including a disc golf course, a playground for kids, a discovery garden and large covered picnic areas.

During the first weekend of June, the park hosts the annual Blue Lake Triathlon and Duathlon Weekend Festival. The event features Olympic and Sprint distance races as well as a Duathlon and Aquabike race. Check Out This Article!


Located in the city of Fairview, Blue Lake Regional Park offers plenty of picnicking opportunities. It also features various sports and playgrounds.

The park’s 101 acres feature a lake and three ponds. It is frequented by migratory birds and other wildlife.

Fishing, boating, and swimming are all popular activities at the lake. Until recently, families could access the water from an accessible dock or swim and paddle boat.


Blue Lake Regional Park NE Blue Lake Rd Fairview OR United States is a huge park that has a lot of fun things to do. It offers different activities such as fishing, swimming and boating.

This park is a great place for families to visit. It has a lot of amenities such as a huge playground for kids.

In addition, there are also different activities such as hiking and boating. You can also relax in the lake while taking a dip.

You can also play a game of disc golf on the world-class Gold Course. The park is open from 8 am to sunset. Next article.

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