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Happy Valley Nature Park

Happy Valley Nature Parks and Hiking Trails

Located 10 miles southeast of downtown Portland, Happy Valley is an outstanding compact city with superb international dining and gorgeous forested nature parks and hiking trails. Scouters Mountain Nature Park climbs above a rocky lava dome and rewards hikers with a dazzling view of Mount Hood.

Plot your way through tall firs to the summit clearing for a direct view of the mountain and a rewarding short loop trail. This hike is a terrific temperate summer outing. See more.

Scouters Mountain Nature Park

With a shady forest and spectacular views of Mount Hood, this hike at Scouters Mountain Nature Park offers an everyday escape from city life. Rising above the eastern edge of Happy Valley, the trail preserves a former Boy Scout lodge with a couple miles of trails and a picnic shelter that invites a lunch break.

The loop begins at a trailhead parking area near Boy Scout Lodge Road. Cross the road and head northeast along Boomer Trail, a dirt single track easing into a forest of Douglas fir conifers accompanied by Big Leaf Maples and Oregon White Oaks. A short walk brings you to a crest where the trail crosses a road.

From here, walk south up the ridge to Scouters Mountain Shelter, and admire a vista of Mount Hood. A short distance beyond the crest, the trail intersects Lava Dome Trail and returns to the road that leads back to the parking area. This 1.2-mile loop gains 180 feet of elevation change.

Mt. Talbert Nature Park

Mount Talbert Nature Park is a forested volcanic butte east of Portland. The 4.2-mile hiking trails of this popular destination offer scenic views, wildlife, and an array of habitats. The main trail loop runs along the lower middle eastern slope of the mountain. The path meanders across a steep slope with densely forested Douglas Fir conifers and Western Red Cedars. The path is lined with shade-loving native understory plants like Trilliums and Bunchberry.

The short hike to the summit of Scouters Mountain is a rewarding experience. The forested cinder cone offers plenty of shade to help you beat the summer heat and views of Mt Hood.

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Happy Valley Wetland Trail

There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors in Happy Valley OR and surrounding North Clackamas. Although just minutes from downtown Portland, you can still find natural areas where the city seems a lifetime away. One of the best trails in the area is the Metolius-Windego Trail, which is also known as “Met Win.”

This 1.2-mile loop hike at Scouters Mountain Nature Park is a good option for those looking for a short hiking adventure. The hike explores a forested cinder cone east of Portland and rewards you with views of Mount Hood. This is a great fall hike to watch the leaves change color and a wonderful spring hike to see native wildflowers like Trillium and Bunchberry. This is a dog-friendly hike, but dogs must be on leash. Check out this interesting post!


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